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Use the Flix CV platform to standout and share your unique story.

  • Record your responses in a quiet environment

  • Ensure lighting is bright and you are clearly visible 

  • Utilize a background that is professional or uncluttered

  • Speak clearly and with ample volume

  • The Flix CV platform performs optimally on Google Chrome

  • We encourage using computer webcams for recording (not mobile devices)

  • Look at the camera as often as possible to connect with the audience

  • If you are unable to complete the recordings in a single sitting, you can stop the session and reopen (using your original invitation link) at your convenience. You will be automatically directed to the remaining unanswered questions in your module  

Final Thoughts
  • Relax!

  • Treat your video like a conversation

  • It is okay to look down to use the control's expected

If you have any technical questions, please contact the Flix CV technical support team at 833.435.4928.

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